September 27, 2013

What is a Small Claims Lawsuit

In the small-claims division of the district court, an individual is able to bring a lawsuit against anyone owing money. You can sue an individual or organization that has caused damage to your property or possessions. 

The maximum an individual is able to collect through a judgment in small claims court is $3,000. Small claims courts are designed to operate informally and without legal representation.

If any individual involved believes there is a need for an attorney being present, the matter should be filed in district court.

In small claims courts, you will represent yourself, speak directly to the judge/mediator, provide your own evidence, and bring any witnesses you wish to speak on your behalf.

In small claims court, an individual does not need to know the law prior to any hearings.

After hearing both sides, the mediator will decide whether money is owed to any party, and if so, how much.