January 11, 2011

What are three potential consequences of a poorly planned and monitored receiving process?

Proper receiving procedures include, but are not limited to, proper documentation, a proper count of items, proper payment for received merchandise, as well as securing the received merchandise.

By not documenting/counting the merchandise, more/less items may be taken in; if not properly documented/counted, e.g., 4 boxes of fries may be accepted and paid for, when 5 boxes were ordered.

Proper payment; legible handwriting, documenting correct total payment into a ledger is important and will help to decrease accounting issues later; in addition, when receiving merchandise/products, securing the goods is necessary; food, alcohol, as well as products may be misplaced or stolen during the transference of goods from deliverer to restaurant/establishment.

These issues may be decreased by checking the status of any received order; using a printout of any ordered products/merchandise to double-check incoming orders helps; also, having more than one person double-check incoming orders will help to decreases these issues.